Our inverters are transformer-based, metal casing, high charger capacity modules that outputs pure sine waveforms which are perfect for your load. They vary in capacities and forms and are in the range of 850VA to 30kVA. They also come in single phase and three phase power system which can either be wall mount or tower. The single-phase capacity ranges from 650VA – 10kVA and 3-phase capacity are within the range of 15kVA to 30kVA.

They are also usable with solar panel arrays and also come as a hybrid and this arrangement can be help elongate the battery life by providing good battery management system on the DC bank especially in areas with erratic or no grid power supply.

Our large capacity inverter systems are designed in such a way that they can operate nominally with small DC bank thereby reducing the cost of having to invest in large number of batteries. As such, they are cheaper and easy to maintain. For instance, our 10kVA inverter can work with 4 battery DC power effectively compared with others of similar capacities that requires 8-15 blocks of batteries. Some of our inverter products in terms of capacity are as shown below:

Wall Mounted High Capacity Charger 3.5kVA-24V Inverter -Hybrid & Basic

Wall Mounted High Capacity Charger 5kVA-24V Inverter -Hybrid & Basic

Wall Mounted High Capacity Charger 10kVA-48V Inverter