In a world where data is required by businesses to help proactive decision-making and where power and quality of power is critical, ProbeIT™ intends to fill this gap using bespoke power system monitoring and reporting solutions that Engineers, IT Managers and Facility Managers can easily integrate into their systems. With this, power usage analysis, ‘failed’ or ‘soon-to-fail’ remote systems such as UPS, batteries, breakers, and so on can be detected. Generally, troubleshooting time and MTTR can be greatly reduced.
ProbeIT™ is a vendor-neutral solution inspired by the simple Logic Probe used for digital circuit troubleshooting – a simple but powerful tool in electronics! ProbeIT™ is an invaluable troubleshooting asset for Facility Managers, Data Centre Managers and critical systems personnel as it can help to proactively take actions based on reported data before calamity strikes. This would help shorten downtime and troubleshooting times by pointing directly to erring components/sub-systems within a more complex system which would otherwise require time accompanied by loss of revenue to resolve.

Key Attributes:

Modular Industrial DIN design making the hardware less prone to shocks and other forms of damage to a reasonable degree.

Both Human-Machine-Interface (HMI) software and hardware are highly adaptable to any situation requiring monitoring and control. HMl software is highly configurable for site-specific applications and parameter without needing to reprogram the main modules. The hardware design employs a bus system so every and anything can be hooked on to the bus. Because the hardware design is modular, a module can be created for any requirement to fit onto the bus.

Everything is a module! ProbeIT™ employs a modular design that ensures each user or situation only use the modules relevant to it-this eliminates “bloating” and drives down the cost of ownership by making sure you only need to pay for functions your requirement needs.


Multiple systems can be combined together to form an enterprise solution managed from a single HMI.

Your cost is simply determined by the complexity of your requirement. You don’t need to pay for redundant capacity built into a complex system when your need is simple and straightforward.

Employs a self-diagnostic approach with encrypted state values telling the status of the system at every point in time. With the self-diagnostic feature, repair is as simple as just swapping DIN modules. This greatly reduces the MTTR. Software maintenance is even easier with the Over-The-Air(OTA) capability.

General Features:

• Power Supply
✓ Wide AC input supply range (100-270 VAC)
✓ Battery backup (optional; depending on application)

• Digital Input Status Monitoring
✓ 4 voltage inputs (basic but expandable 64 – shared with dry contacts)
✓ 4 dry contact inputs (basic but expandable to 64 – shared with digital voltage inputs)
✓ Analog Voltage Monitoring

• Analog Input Status Monitoring and Measurements
✓ Three (3) Mains input (basic but can be extended to 16)
✓ One Earth potential measurement
✓ 4 battery voltage measurements (basic but extendable to higher number of batteries)
✓ Frequency Monitoring and Measurement
✓ Wide Voltage monitoring range (up to 300V per phase)
✓ Live, continuous charting for all analog measurements

• Measurable parameters
✓ Voltage (AC)
✓ Voltage (DC)
✓ Current (AC)
✓ Current (DC)
✓ Frequency
✓ Temperature
✓ Humidity
✓ Neutral-Earth Potential
✓ Fuel Consumption
✓ Any other analog parameter

• Compatible Sensors
✓ Humidity sensor
✓ Temperature sensor
✓ Fuel sensor
✓ Current sensor (options of C.T or in-circuit sensors)
✓ PIR sensor
✓ Door Switch
✓ Flood/Leakage sensor
✓ Voltage sensors
✓ Any other digital or analog sensor

• Local and remote event logger and management
• Configurable local and remote alarms
• Fuel WiFi stack to ensure functionality without external WiFi
• User notification options

Possible Use Cases
ProbeIT™ is especially a telemetry system focused on power systems and targeting commercial and domestic applications. This can, however, easily be extended to other applications.

For a typical Power system, ProbeIT™ can be used to monitor (or control)
a. Breaker trips / Blown fuse
b. Failed surge protector modules
c. Blown / tripped surge protection fuse / breakers
d. UPS or inverter battery monitoring (Battery fuse or breaker monitoring, UPS /
Inverter battery level (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 10%, 5%, or discrete levels)
e. UPS / Inverter operation mode (Mains or Battery Mode)
f. Abnormal or poor earthing
g. Generator frequency drifts
h. Generator runtime and service reminders.
i. Generator fuel consumption
j. ATS panel operation (Load on Gen or Load on Mains)
k. Phase Sequence Errors
l. Overvoltage and undervoltage conditions
m. Relay and contactor monitoring
n. Remote Emergency Power Off for UPS and electrical panels
o. Remote Generator Start / Stop (for compatible generators)

Other possible applications, with the right sensors, include:

a. Home Automation (Power, Cooling and Lighting control)
b. Flood/Leakage detection
c. Door access detection
d. Temperature monitoring
e. Humidity monitoring
f. Occupancy detection
g. Fire/Smoke detection