Our product under panel solutions are as listed below. These panels comes in various capacity and application based on the site situation
✓ Automatic Phase corrector panel
✓ Surge Protective panel
✓ Mains Monitor panel
✓ Generator Automatic Transfer Switch

The Surge panel comes in two different categories. The Class 1 surge panel which are installed at the service entrance of the power within the facility and the class 2 surge panel at the downstream distribution panel. The solution works effectively when the earthing or grounding system is prime.

Phase Rotation Panel: Phase rotation is a major power supply error that usually occur undetected (except by dedicated devices) on three phase supply lines. It mostly occurs when there is a change of power source (utility to generator, generator to generator or generator to utility) and it would simply be observed that certain loads do not work even in the presence of power. The effect of this error is such that it makes three phase power unusable for some three phase loads; though available and within range for the more
familiar parameters (voltage, frequency, etc). This is usually devastating as critical systems or operations may be disrupted due to this phenomenon.

Standard Features:
✓ Real-time monitoring of system 3-phase supply.
✓ Automatically detect phase rotation issues in incoming power supply
✓ Automatically correct supply phase rotation faults and phase rotation to equipment or facility without user intervention.
✓ Phase loss protection – isolation of output on fault occurrence
✓ Manual bypass option which can still be used to achieve phase rotation correction,
where the auto mode fails
✓ Panel indication to signal the status/relationship between phase sequence of panel
incoming and outgoing lines (normal or correction mode)

Optional Enhancements:
✓ Audible alarm and Local Liquid Crystal Display User Interface for systems diagnostics
and status notifications.
✓ Integrated Latency’s ProbeITTM Monitoring System for remote and local status monitoring
and system fault diagnostics and notification (SMS, PUSH Messaging, Email, Android
✓ Integrated Type 1 or Type 2 Surge Protection
✓ Under/Overvoltage protection – isolation of supply on occurrence
✓ Phase Asymmetry protection – isolation of supply on occurrence

Automatic Phase Corrector Panel

Automatic Transfer Switch Panel